Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void Release Date Announced

Announced almost a year ago, the final saga of Blizzard’s epic RTS Starcraft II finally has a release date. Legacy Of The Void will be released November 10, 2015.

Blade and Soul: Close Beta Test Announcement

NCSoft’s hit Korean MMO Blade and Soul is just months away from the western release. As a standard in MMO’s nowadays this means the game is close to its public beta testing, beginning with the closed beta tests. With an… Continue Reading →

Steam Greenlight: Rothschild: The Sheep Will Wake

What is “Rothschild: The Sheep Will Wake”? Rothschild is an open-world, first-person horror game, developed by Loudpak Studios. In Rothschild, the player will take on the role of Jordan Baker, an investigative journalist in the year 2025, who will face… Continue Reading →

Steam Greenlight: ProGamerManager

What is “ProGamerManager?” ProGamerManager is an interesting take on the standard manager game genre. The title puts you in the shoes of a randomly generated youngster who’s dream is to compete professionally on his favourite game; FOBA. As an player… Continue Reading →

Steam Greenlight: Them & Us

What is “Them & Us”? “Them & Us” is a zombie-survival horror game, developed by “TendoGames”. Them & Us follows Alicia Wallace, a once happy veterinarian now a midst a zombie apocalypse. Her survival now relies upon the single rule;… Continue Reading →

Guild Wars 2: Free to Play

With the first expansion; Heart of Thorns looming over the horizon, ArenaNet’s giant MMO (Massively Multplayer Online) title Guild Wars 2 has just achieved its 3 year anniversary and in a bold move, ArenaNet announced they would be making the… Continue Reading →

Evolve: Big Free Weekend

Turtle Rock Studios’ 4 vs 1 squad shooter, Evolve is free to play this weekend having started on September 3, 2015 running up until September 7, 2015 10:00 AM PDT. Steam users can directly download the game into their library… Continue Reading →

Warframe: Baro Ki’Teer (04-06.09.2015)

The infamous Baro Ki’Teer has arrived again, and similarly to his previous visit, he’s back on the Orcus Relay, Pluto. So, what has the forever loathed void trader brought with him this time? Prisma Jet Sentinel Wings The Prisma Jet… Continue Reading →

The Park: The Short Experimental Horror

A Few days ago, Funcom, infamously known for the MMO’s Age of Conan and The Secret World, announced “The Park”; a short, dark, sinister experimental horror game set in an amusement park. Although having been announced recently, the game is… Continue Reading →

Lawbreakers: Gameplay footage!

Following our previous post on Lawbreakers (check it out here), Boss Key Productions have posted some highly requested gameplay footage. The gameplay footage reveals some (hopefully not all) of the classes revealed in the team-FPS, which seems to take influence… Continue Reading →

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